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Your Man on Site has an extensive expertise in business development service provision and can draw on unique cross-sector and cross-border experience.

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We aim to support you through all aspects in entrepreneurship, from concept to implementation, from a paper business plan to ‘on site’ management and handover. Our services range from specific ‘on site’ project management, to broad initiatives covering all your needs in business planning. 


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Based on our own ‘hands on’ experiences we are able to guide you through the complete life cycle of a business or project. From concept development to exit strategy, we are able to support you through all phases of entrepreneurship. Our services range from specific ‘on site’ project or interim management, to broader initiatives covering all your needs in the business life cycle. 

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Your Man on Site can help you to define your dream or project. Sometimes you just need to ‘bounce off’ the idea to make it more tangible, sometimes you need specific guidance or ‘on site’  resources to help you through a growth phase or restructuring of your company.

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We break the assignment down in manageable steps, and help you to build your own expertise along the way.

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On request from the Metropolitan Municipalities:

How to get innovative ‘water’ technologies accepted in the South African public sector?

YMoS was the private sector partner from 2011 to 2017 for Vitens Evides International in the development of a sustainable ‘springboard’ for (private) innovative technologies in the (public) Water & Sanitation sector in South Africa. The program was sponsored by the Royal Dutch Embassy in South Africa and the Netherlands Enterprise Agency. Partners included World Waternet and World Water Academy and the 3 Metropolitan Municipalities in South Africa.

More than 30 physical pilots with innovative technologies were carried out. The Centre of Expertise project demonstrated the need for new technology and initiated collaboration between cities. It generated a specific network in the water sector in both South African and the Netherlands. With help of SALGA a sustainable model was handed over for the South African sector to take further.

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The Dutch government requested Vitens Evides International to write a proposal for an ‘aid to trade project in water and sanitation for South Africa’. The proposal was built on previous work and initiatives by Your Man on Site, World Waternet and World Water Academy.

The resulting business plan formed the basis in April 2013 for the 3-year project phase to implement the ‘Centre of Expertise’ concept. This project phase had two main targets: facilitate at least 25 showcase projects in the South African water sector (with multiple municipalities) AND address the (financial) sustainability for the concept of such an innovation platform.

The ‘docking phase’ focussed specifically on the creation of the sustainability of the Centre of Expertise concept in the South African water sector, resulting in the collaboration with SALGA. The funded activities were formally closed during a final workshop in July 2017.

With the help of the 3 metropolitan municipalities (Cape Town, Durban and Johannesburg) more than 30 physical pilots with innovative technologies were carried out. Municipal procedures were aligned to allow the cooperative testing of innovations and technology to avoid further duplication.

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