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Boutique Hotel at Kliprivier Nature Reserve, Johannesburg

This patient development project started in 2005 and is an ongoing commitment by YMoS, as the registered NHBRC builder (see post 2007). YMoS is the project management partner in the development of this boutique hotel. ‘Bed and Business’ is positioned on the edge of the 1600 Ha Kliprivier Nature Reserve in the south of Johannesburg.…
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Private eco lodge in game reserve, Gauteng

YMoS took on the first phase (project and concept development) of the creation of a private lodge in the Karma game ranch in area of the Vaal triangle, Meyerton, Gauteng. Set on a total of 700 Ha of nature with 20 sectional title stands as well as a boutique hotel, the assignment is to build…
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Needs Analysis Water Sector South Africa – Research for Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands

A needs analysis for urban water management municipalities in South Africa was conducted by YMoS in 2018. This needs analysis of the municipalities of Johannesburg, eThekwini and Cape Town, was used for a capacity building program on urban water management. This program was to be sponsored by NUFFIC NESO. Special attention was given to the…
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‘Fresh’ demonstration with humidification technology preserving fresh food- Contronics pilot at SASKO and Roelkor

Contronics Engineering BV has developed techniques and produces equipment are based on dry misting technology via ultrasonic humidification. With these techniques it can keep fresh food ‘fresh’ for longer and contributing to a sustainable environment. A comprehenise demonstration program at 3 different sites (bakeries and slaughterhouse) were developed and executed together with YMoS. The project…
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Water Services Delivery-Infrastructure upgrade Constantia Cape Town

Based on gained experience at the Trenchless Pilot Program at eThekwini Water & Sanitation,  and Egoli Fas rennovation project with WAVIN’s compact Pipe, YMoS was asked to provide assistance on project development and management to the City of Cape Town. In-depth training was given on selecting the right renovation or replacement technology in relation to…
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‘Fast lab’ evaluation online water quality monitoring system – Optiqua pilot at eThekwini W&S and UJ

Drinking water contamination incidents are on the rise and has made Water Service Authorities aware of the need to obtain rapid, reliable and consistent online monitoring tool or system to act as an early warning signal and to acquire results in real-time. Online monitoring systems are a good measures early warning signals for the hygienic…
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Risk Based replacement strategy & modelling for Water Infrastructure-Quasset pilot at Moghale City

Quasset’s product Q-Pro, a tool addressing risk based replacement strategy and modeling, was demonstrated at Moghale City Municipality from 2016 to 2018. The pilot results were disseminated with the help of SALGA to different municipalities in KZN, WC and Gauteng in 2018. YMoS was the local partner of Quasset in a program co-sponsored by the…
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‘Ecoli online’ evaluation bacterial monitoring technology – MicroLAN pilot at UJ

Many utilities in South Africa are confronted with the challenges in measuring timely and accurately the bacterial presence in their drinking water production & waste water effluent before discharge, with specific reference to E.coli bacteria. A demonstration project with bacterial monitoring was developed and executed with support of YMoS at the University of Johannesburg, to…
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Centre of Expertise hand over to SALGA

The Centre of Expertise was officially handed over to SALGA in June 2017. This project started in 2011 and the last phase focused specifically on the creation of the sustainability of the Centre of Expertise concept in the South African water sector, resulting in the collaboration with SALGA. The Centre of Expertise was officially handed…
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