Our Office

Your Man on Site utilises state of the art web tools allowing easy communications with and between its People, Partners, Network and Clients. With our Virtual Office Ymos offers flexibility, immediacy, clarity and cost efficiency.

  • Our people’s needs are served wherever they are and whenever they need it, with information originating from 1 Virtual Office.
  • Clients have access to their online projects, allowing instant information to flow, resulting to immediate action, putting the client’s needs first.
  • The network shares in the continuously updated information, allowing immediate follow ups of cross border opportunities and developments.

Our Approach

Your Man on Site matches your specific needs with our networks, partners and resources.
We match your products and services with the market, your business ideas with funding and projects, your people with new cultures and we match your company with partners in the focus area. We operate on demand as client’s team or as pro-active partners.

We support social and economic sustainability by promoting care and respect for the local structures.
Our open and direct communication creates transparency and trust.

We regard us as an extension of our Client’s organisation. We work in partnership to drive your sales, profit, market share and overall revenue growth within each territory. It is our policy to show our Clients, Partners and Network the growth-oriented development of the opportunities available.

We provide you support in your international business with in-depth knowledge and coaching. We are:

  • A company of dedicated, objective and integer people.
  • Continuously opening new opportunities for our Clients, Partners and Network.
  • Caring for our customers and enabling them to make the right choices to meet their individual specific needs.
  • Wherever and whenever you need us, thinking global and acting local.
  • Your local partner taking your commitments further.

Our Focus

Your Man on Site develops businesses in all kinds of sectors. We are proud of our broad in depth knowledge within our organisation, our Partners and our Network. We focus on the business areas where we are strongest:

  • Agribusiness
  • Water & Environment
  • Energy
  • Logistics and Distribution
  • Construction and Engineering
  • Planning and Service
  • Industry and Production
  • Commerce and Trade

Our Commitments

Your Man on Site provides cross over creative input, support, coaching, in-depth knowledge and hands on experience to our Client’s concepts and projects.

Our commitments:

  • We believe partnerships have to result in fair revenue and opportunities for all involved parties equal to its input.
  • We are fully committed to our Clients, Partners and Network.
  • We represent your business professionally, profitably and as reliably as doing it yourself at only a fraction of the resources and time involved.
  • We take your commitments further.

Our Social Commitments

Your Man on Site supports social and economic sustainability by promoting care and respect for local structures. YMoS is actively committed to and involved in the Black Economic Empowerment (BBBEE) transformation process in South Africa’s different economic sectors.
We are active corporate supporters and partners in the different local initiatives.