Observing the challenges at hand.......

Business aims to grow globally by  finding a local ‘edge’. In this process companies want to become active in new markets with their products and production processes. As part of this exploration you should consider all  information available, as well as all different perspectives!

You need to consider the opportunities and threats in your specific sector or on a specific site. You want to minimise your risks and maximise your results, with a long-term view in mind. Starting or expanding, you require accurate information on projects and funding, feasibility studies and analyses, partners and local cultural knowledge.

You may also need strategic advice and practical services to realise your local and international ambitions. And when your business has taken off, you will need specialised ground management and technical consultancy on site.


Objectiveness and knowledge of local markets, as well as the understanding of your specific products are key factors to come up with the right approach. Optimal implementation of this approach will ask all the time and recourses available to your company.

We help you to ask the right questions,
and finding suitable answers

Our Vision

It is our vision that in the above process a local partner is essential and can provide:

  • A strengthening of your resources.
  • ‘On site’ representation when and where you need it most.
  • In depth knowledge of local markets, languages and customs.
  • An extensive network and ‘hands on’ experience.

Our Mission

Your Man on Site offers business development services on location in Europe and Southern Africa.
We develop and manage your concepts and projects taking your commitments further.

YMoS operates on demand as client’s team or as pro-active partners supporting you through entrepreneurship, from start-up to implementation, with the highest integrity and objectivity.

“Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing, you will be successful”.- Albert Sweitzer

wrong, right, correct

Our Values & Believes:

  • Integrity & commitment.

  • Give & Gain deals.

  • Love, care & respect for existing structures and values.

  • People first!
  • Support for local social & economic sustainability.

  • Open and direct communication; truthfully and frankly.

Our Approach

Your Man on Site links your specific needs with our networks, partners and resources. We will match your products and services with the market, your business ideas with funding and projects, your people with new cultures and we introduce your company to possible partners in the focus area.

We operate on demand as client’s team or as pro-active partners. We regard us as an extension of your organisation and work in partnership to drive your sales, profit, market share and overall revenue growth within each territory.

We support social and economic sustainability by promoting love, care & respect for the existing structures and values. Our open and direct communication aims to create transparency and trust. We put people before profit.

It is our policy to show our Clients, Partners and Network the growth-oriented development of the opportunities available.


“Trust is built slowly. Trust is destroyed quickly. Trust can make complex things possible. The absence of trust can make simple things impossible. Trust powers relationships, businesses, nations. Trust is as precious as it is fragile.”

Our Commitment To You

Your Man on Site provides cross over creative input, support, coaching, in-depth knowledge and hands on experience to our Client’s concepts and projects, based on the following 10 commitments:

  1. Our communication to you will be honest, direct and on time.
  2. We care and will enable you to make the right choices to meet your individual specific needs.

  3. We are fully committed to our Clients, Partners and Network.

  4. Cooperation has to result in fair revenue and opportunities for all involved parties equal to its input.

  5. Representation of your business will be as professionally, profitably and reliably as doing it yourself.

  6. Our colleagues, partners and network are dedicated, objective and integer people.

  7. We continuously look to open new opportunities for our Clients, Partners and Network.

  8. Together we show care and respect for local structures and actively promote social and economic sustainability.

  9. We are wherever and whenever you need us, thinking global and acting local.

  10. As your local partner we will be taking your commitments further.