The Vizlsa ‘Clan of Futaki’

The Vizlsa 'Clan of Futaki' 1

COVID-19 has forced a lot of people to evaluate their lives and what is important in it and what not! As a direct result of our passion, another hobby and love for the canine breed ‘ Hungarian Vizsla’ became a registered business as breeder. In this way we could guarantee the continuation of an unique royal bloodline of the Hungarian Vizsla.

With help of the Rainbow Vizlsa Club we managed to get all descendants of the bloodline officially KUSA registered in South Africa. This has led in 2022 to the KUSA endorsed and breeder status, registered as ‘FutakiKlanja’.

The Vizsla is a dog breed originating in Hungary and dedicated to hunting. The ancestors of the present Vizsla were hunting dogs of the Magyar tribes who lived in the Carpathian Basin in the 10th century. The Vizsla is a natural hunter with an excellent nose and outstanding train-ability. They are classified under the FCI group 7 (Pointer group). Due to its history where it has been exclusively held by nobility, the dog breed has an almost inbred character to be an extension of the family where it is living with.

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The Vizlsa 'Clan of Futaki' 2
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Vizsla, also known as Hungarian pointer, descended from the hunting dogs that were used by Magyars who settled in Hungary thousand years ago. They were used for hunting hares and birds by warlords and nobles. Paintings of Vizsla is detected in primitive arts, 10th-century painting has an even coated dog who accompanies Magyar huntsman. In an early 14th century, documents show a dog shaped Vizsla.

The history of the Vizsla or Hungarian Pointer breed goes hand in hand with that of the Huns’ (later called Hungarians’ or Magyars’) and even the history of their language. Recent DNA analysis studies of both Hungarians and their pointers have helped to shed light on the origin of both.

Long and very interesting story short, the origin of the breed comes with certain bragging rights under owners of the Vizsla.

 The Illuminated Chronicle (formerly known as Vienna Chronicle) is an illustrated manuscript of the early codes and laws dating from the time of King Louis I (1342-1382) of Hungary, and believed to be the most complete record of medieval history of Hungary going back to the eleventh century.

The year 1358 is believed to be the first time when brown hounds are described in writing and colored images of a brown true-to-type Vizsla-like dog appeared in the books. The first true-to-type colored image of  a Vizsla is found on one of the 14 th century Gothic panels in the Esztergom Christian Museum (Hungary).

So where does the name Futaki come from?

Futaki horns are skin appendages found upon the ears of the Vizsla.
They look like a skin tag and can vary in size and location.
They can appear more prominent in puppies as the ears are disproportionately large at that age.

Their existence is surrounded by a beautiful history and t is to be said that it is an indication of superior hunting skills under the Vizsla.

We are proud to be have been able to register the name ‘the clan of Futaki‘ as our breeder name

The Vizlsa 'Clan of Futaki' 7