Water Finance Facility

Water Finance Facility 1

As part of the Domestic Resource Mobilization and Innovative Financing, YMoS was the local partner and organizer for 2 comprehensive reconnaissance missions to study the possibility of a South African Water Financing Facility.

The Water Finance Facility (WFF) mobilises large-scale private investment from domestic institutional investors, such as pension funds, insurance companies and other qualified investors, by issuing local currency bonds in the capital market in support of their own country’s national priority actions on water and sanitation service delivery. The Netherlands has more than 80 years experience with the concept of such dedicated ‘waterbank’ which has a AAA+ rating.

On behalf of the Dutch Government, the key objective was to assess with the key national and local stakeholders investigate if a Water Financing Facility (WFF) in South Africa is a desired and feasible instrument that responds to a water sector investment financing need.

Water Finance Facility 2
Water Finance Facility 3
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