Global business is growing day by day. In this process companies explore possibilities world wide to become active in new markets with their products and production processes.

In this exploration you have to explore all angels of the information available. You need information about the opportunities and threats in your specific sector. You want to minimise your risks and maximise your results, with a long-term view in mind.

Starting or expanding, you require accurate information on projects and funding, feasibility studies and analyses, partners and local cultural knowledge.
You may also need strategic advice and practical services to realise your international ambitions. And when your business has taken off, you will need specialised on the ground management and technical consultancy.

Objectiveness and knowledge of local markets and understanding of your specific products are key factors to come up with the right approach. Optimal implementation of this approach will ask all time and recourses available to you.

Our Vision

It is our vision that in the above process a local partner is essential and can provide:

  • A strengthening of your recourses.
  • On location representation when and where you need it most.
  • In depth knowledge of local markets, languages and customs.
  • An extensive network and experience on site.

Our Mission

Your Man on Site offers business development on location in Europe and Southern Africa.
We develop and manage your concepts and projects taking your commitments further.

YMos operates on demand as client’s team or as pro-active partners and supports you through entrepreneurship, from start up to implementation, with the highest integrity and objectivity.

Our key values:

  • We value integrity & commitment.
  • We believe in give & gain deals.
  • We operate with care and respect for local structures and support social and economic sustainability.
  • We have a culture of open direct communication.

Our Services

Your Man on Site offers a complete menu of services within business development. With our services and expertise we build cross border bridges, supporting you through all aspects in entrepreneurship, from concept to implementation.

YMoS operates on demand as client’s team or as pro-active partners. We provide cross over creative input, support, coaching, in-depth knowledge and hands on experience to our Client’s concepts and projects.

We offer services which can be specific solutions to you and any combination of them will give you possibilities to maximise the results in international business. Below is an overview of our range of services and expertise which can be applied in the process of business development:

Concept development

  • Existing business review
  • Business analysis
  • Market research
  • Feasibility studies
  • Conceptual input


  • Business plan development
  • Funding sourcing
  • Strategy development

Start up & Implementation

  • Partner selection & match making
  • Localisation
  • Logistics and distribution
  • On site project management

Communication & Administration

  • Intercultural communication
  • Marketing & Sales
  • Public Relations
  • Human Recourses
  • Non technical administration and office support