About US

Our Commitment

Your Man on Site (YMoS) offers business development services on location in Europe and Southern Africa. We develop and manage your concepts and projects taking your commitments further.

YMoS operates on demand as client’s team or as pro-active partners. With our services and expertise we aim to build cross border bridges, supporting you through all aspects in entrepreneurship, from concept to implementation.


Working with us

Throughout the years, YMoS has established an interdisciplinary network in Europe and Southern Africa. We cooperate with our Partners and Network to make you the most of innovations, developments and opportunities.

We believe that cooperation can only be successful if they serve all partners needs fairly. Open communication and timely processing of your opportunity is our objective.

YMoS was established in 2004 and is a registered company in the Netherlands and South Africa

Why Choose Us

We are highly skilled professionals with entrepreneurial and academic backgrounds. We are rounded 'human beings' with different experiences and from different backgrounds.

Together we assign our resources across the different projects of our clients, making the most of our skills, network, passion and creativity.

Based on distinguished and proven track records, we balance skills like vision, organisation, action, and people management, supporting each other wherever and whenever needed.

YMoS is a team of committed professionals, organisational talents getting the job done!

Every project is considered a piece of art, where love and creativity will unlock even the toughest challenge in front of us!

Playfulness, enjoyment and witticism are key components in our style.


‘Capo di tutti Capi’

Background and experience:

  • Chemical process engineering
  • Executive and General management
  • Account management
  • Marketing & PR
  • Crisis & change management
  • Project development
  • Project management
  • New business development
  • ‘On site’ management
  • Coaching & mentoring

Our ‘on shore’ captain sharpened his entrepreneurial and organisational skills during several start-ups and own business activities in South Africa and in the Netherlands. He is also the ‘side kick’ in every project of the company since.

Life challenges on distance, family, energy and resources, has strengthened his faith to never give up. Strong believer that anything can be achieved, options are limitless, all is possible and results are merely carried by positivity, resilience and divine timing.

Balancing his academic background and commercial instinct, his view on the emerging opportunities between Europe and Africa resulted in the founding of Your Man on Site in 2004.

19 years later,  numerous projects in very diverse fields have build a wealth of experience and skills. The time has come to share the gained lessons to other businesses, its employees and entrepreneurial spirits.

“The problem is not the problem. The problem is your attitude about the problem” ― Captain Jack Sparrow

partners & networks

Your Man on Site works with highly qualified and reputable partners within the specific fields needed in business development and project management. On request we source the right match with your challenges at hand.

We aim to make the most of existing knowledge and business relations within our Network. We desire to create mutual beneficial partnerships. In this way we create continuous new developments for our clients and our Network.

Because of our activities and the nature of our business, we have access to a large local and international network which brings together opportunities and specific solutions for the different project development stages.

what we offer

Combined Your Man on Site has extensive expertise in business development services and can draw on unique cross-sector and cross-border experience. Our interdisciplinary Network exists of active business partners, investors and contractors.

Discuss with us how we may help you and explore fruitful partnerships. Find out about the successful projects, the programs we have run or the technology providers we work with. Experience first hand who we are and how we work.

Partner with us!

Whether you are responding to a tender proposal, seeking to build consortia capacity, starting up new ventures, exploring technology solutions, or just want to ‘get the job done’, we work with you to explore the right solution and identify new and exciting opportunities.