The Company

Your Man on Site (Ymos) offers business development on location in Europe and Southern Africa. We develop and manage your concepts and projects taking your commitments further.

Ymos operates on demand as client’s team or as pro-active partners. With our services and expertise we build cross border bridges, supporting you through all aspects in entrepreneurship, from concept to implementation.

Ymos has an established interdisciplinary network in Europe and Southern Africa. We cooperate with our partners and network to make you the most of innovations, developments and opportunities.
We believe that cooperations can only be successful if they serve all partners needs fairly. Open communication and timely processing of your opportunity is our objective.

Our key values:

  • We value integrity & commitment.
  • We believe in give & gain deals.
  • We operate with care and respect for local structures and support social and economic sustainability.
  • We have a culture of open direct communication.

Ymos is registered company in the Netherlands and in South Africa. Ymos was established early 2004.

The People

Your Man on Site employs highly skilled professionals with distinguished track records as entrepreneur, with different experiences from different backgrounds.

Together these recourses are utilised across the different projects of our clients.

In this way, Ymos can guarantee its availability of the skills, network and creativity needed to provide the best possible input into the operation, which the client or project would take years to assemble and that few companies could individually afford.

The Partners

Your Man on Site works with highly qualified and reputable partners within the specific fields needed in business development and projects.



The Network

Because of its activities and the nature of its business, Your Man on Site has access to a large international network bringing together opportunities and solutions for different projects in all stages of development. The interdisciplinary Network exists of active business partners, investors and contractors.

We make the most of existing knowledge and business relations within our Network. We aim to create partnerships, benefiting from collaboration on fair terms equalling its input.
In this way we create continuous new developments for our clients and our Network.



Partner With Us

Combined Your Man on Site has extensive expertise in service provision in business development and can draw on unique cross-sector and cross-border experience. We work to identify new and exciting opportunities and are keen to explore fruitful partnerships with other high-calibre organisations.

Whether you are responding to a tender proposal, seeking to build consortia capacity, starting up new ventures, we would like to hear from you.

Contact us to discuss how we may help you, find out about the successful projects and programmes we run and look & feel how we work.

We take your commitments further!